Donating items to the Performing Arts Collection


Are you thinking about donating items to the Performing Arts Collection?

Arts Centre Melbourne is very grateful to those who offer gifts of cultural material to our Collection. The Performing Arts Collection has been largely developed by generous donations from members of the general public. Material may be gifted through outright donation, bequest or through the Federal Government’s Cultural Gifts Program which provides tax deductions for the donation of highly significant cultural material.

We are obliged to make sure that every acquisition is in line with our Collection Policy and that we have the resources to properly care for and store each item. As a result, it is not always possible for us to accept donations of objects. However, in the event that we cannot accommodate your gift, we may be able to suggest an alternative recipient for you to approach, so please do contact us if you have something you would like to give.

Donation guidelines

If you wish to donate material, please fill out our Offer of Donation form which you can download here.The more information you can provide, the easier it is for us to properly consider your offer.

All offers of donation are assessed by the following criteria:

  • The material’s cultural significance
  • Relevance to our Collection Development Policy
  • The Performing Arts Collection’s current holdings of this type of material
  • The material’s physical condition
  • The material’s potential future use for research and display

Please provide your full contact details with your offer. This information is necessary for us to process the donation. If you wish to know more about how we will protect your personal details you can read our full Privacy Policy on the Arts Centre Melbourne website.

Please note that thanks to the generosity of the Australian public, we receive large numbers of donations, which can take time to consider and process. We aim to get back to you within 3 months of receiving your completed Offer of Donation form.

Things to consider before offering a donation:

  • Before offering material to the Performing Arts Collection, please discuss the matter with family members and relatives whose wishes should also be considered.
  • A donation is finalised when the donor signs a Deed of Gift. This is a legal document, and once the donation is finalised, no item can be returned to the donor.
  • We cannot guarantee the display of any donated item, but we are happy to arrange for material to be viewed by donors and their families through our Research Service.
  • Please do not send any original material to us unless we have requested it. We cannot take responsibility for unsolicited material sent to us and reserve the right to accession such unsolicited material into the collection, to return to sender if practical to do so, or to dispose of the material if it does not meet our acquisition criteria.

Download our Donation Offer Form here.  You can also download these Donation Guidelines as a PDF.

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